Positive Feedback



Amy F. (Big Picture Marketing / 406 Creatives)

I'm still coming down from so much excitement that 406 Creatives launched....and I wanted to again say thank you for speaking. I could listen to your thoughts about creativity in our culture and our careers for hours! 




Alyssa M. (Psychology & English Major @ MSU)

I took your Compass Workshop at Montana State....and was really


struck by it. I didn't expect to be so moved by a workshop at the business


college, but I found your energy and delivery particularly incredible.



Cecily G. (Bozeman High School student, Bozeman, MT) 

My life coach for a year, a mentor, and forever a friend. From the beginning you have guided me in my endeavors, and helped me to see the way when I couldn't quite see it myself. Among many things, you taught me to choose (my) happy, and put myself first so that I can help others. You taught me the beauty behind taking time out of our busy lives to just sit down, eat some wonderful food, and dive into a conversation. You taught me to be exceptional rather than acceptable, and for that I am forever grateful. Your time and devotion is like none other and with that drive you will undoubtedly continue to inspire many through your work. Thank you for being a helping hand in creating the best version of myself I am today. 

Harley C. (C.M.Russell High School student, Great Falls, MT)

I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to participate in the Ignite by Design program. I began the program as a sophomore in high school. My main worry was figuring out what possibilities are out there for me, and what kind of colleges and jobs I would be interested in. Tiffany has helped me with not only these things, but also so much more. This program has helped me discover my core values and passions. I have also discovered ways to pursue careers that I have an interest in, while also being able to balance my life so I can allow myself to find happiness along the way. This is very essential to me and I am very thankful.

    I discovered that one of my core values is happiness. Tiffany has helped me find things that make me extremely happy, as well as things that I wouldn't want to do in a million years. She has also helped me grow to the point where I am able to give myself permission to say no to the things I strongly dislike, and not feel guilty about it. I am immensely grateful for her help with this because it has made a noticeable reduction in my anxiety and stress levels.

    We have done many other activities during this program too. I've been able to see how the people closest to me affect not only me, but all of my other relationships as well. I've created a vision board by putting down things that make me happy or that I look forward to doing, and being productive about actually accomplishing them. I am a very visual person and this activity had helped me to actually take the opportunities and get them done instead of just wishing. Additionally, I've created a bucket list and I find it very useful to have my goals and aspirations written out so I can see them.

    Another reason why I'm thankful for this program is it's help in finding Harmony. Harmony means bringing attention to all of the things and activities that I view are essential to my life. If I ever don't feel well, then I am able to visually recognize what is out of harmony in my life, so I can easily fix it.

    I've also been lucky enough to continue with the program and learn about emotional intelligence, as well as areas within the subject where I can improve. Tiffany has also worked with me to figure out ways that I can grow and develop, rather than just explaining where I need to work on. I have found this to be especially useful for future jobs and opportunities that I might have.

    I have found this program to be exceedingly useful and would recommend it to anyone. I love how in depth this program is and how useful it was when it came to discovering what I want to do with my life. Tiffany has helped me so much and is a wonderful person to be around!

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